Saturday, 23 May 2009

What do you call......

....a room full of accountants. I had a whole day to think about this on Thursday. A smart location deep in the heart of London town, a view of St Pauls from one window and the GPO tower from the other. Even such views were not enough to distract from the subject in hand. Accounting. Benchmarking. The morning was bearable. Flicking through the handout trying to fit the names and job titles to the people sat around me. Surely they could see through me,I hardly dared catch their eye, I don’t belong here! don’t feel a passion for the bottom line. Oh I dreamed to be spending my day elsewhere. Making something, enjoying the garden,

reading. By the afternoon it was not so good. Even the dedicated started to drift away both physically and spiritually. Eyes were glazing over, doodling was getting creative. Then we all hurried away back to our various corners of this green and pleasant land. Herb got me tea and showed me to the settee. I picked up my crochet and relaxed. Do people know how lucky they are when they have jobs they love? That’s what I tell my offspring, try and find something you love that will also pay the rent.(Youngest made these muffins to cheer me up)

Meanwhile I shall while away my free time in my quiet pleasures.
.......oh and yes a room full of accountants, a depreciation I think.

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