Monday, 11 May 2009

Revision revision revision.......

Not me you understand, I'm just cracking the whip. Well actually more like providing comfort food, a shoulder to cry on when the stress kicks in and a gentle critic of the art work. Both youngest child and eldest child are doing A levels so I am trying to create the right environment for revising.
Calming music, the right snacks, loving words. Is it working....who knows.
Eldest child is glued to the lap top and youngest child is busy mixing oil paints for her final art piece.
This afternoon Herb went off for a game of golf, I got on with the blanket ...growing nicely I must say except I’ve run out of wool.......... and youngest child created a very good Mr Punch.

We had another mad dash to the art supply store about 10 miles away this morning to get more supplies. Goodness knows what poor people do! This final piece has cost a fortune this week. Of course it’s all worth it.

On the craft front a colleague at work brought me back from Holland this
brilliant bag which I’m using to store all my wool and paraphernalia. It’s just perfect....... I’ve decided to block the squares which gives a much better result when all sewn together. Thanks to attic24 for the tip.Tomorrow I’m off to the wool shop for more supplies. I found this fantastic little shop about 30 minutes away in a small village which has the most wonderful yarns. The first time I visited, I walked in with my daughter and we were confronted by a small group of women sitting round a table tucking into what smelt like delicious soup. This it turned out was a beginners crochet session with lunch thrown in...........we made our excuses for a 15 minute walk round this delightful village and when we returned found the same women surrounded by beautiful yarns wrapped over fingers and hooks. I so wanted to join in.
The shop is tiny yet is crammed with beautiful handmade items, craft books, china, ribbons and so much more. I will post a picture after my next visit so you can see how delightful it is. I fully intend to sign up for one of their sessions and intend to only buy small amounts of wool each time so I can keep returning.

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