Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Midweek Jaunt

Quite often when the mood takes us Herb and I get in the 'microwave'-what my friends laughingly call my beloved Ka- and scoot off for a little jolly. Maybe to the beach, but more often to a not too distant small town or village to have a little tramp round. This often takes the form of a coffee in the nicest tea shop we can find, take in the charms of said town or village then refer to the ordnance survey for a little walk. Not too arduous you understand but hopefully some nice views, clean air and no traffic noise.( I have a real issue with the distant hum of motorways as Herb would tell you. Every trip involves a moment of stopping and listening.)Yesterday we went to a village with no hum. Just the wind in the trees and lots of birds.

First we went to the wool shop I told you about. I bought more yarn for the granny blanket; the owner was particularly good about discreetly writing down the total as Herb was in the vicinity. While I was there I looked at the dk cotton for my next project. The most beautiful colours but I mustn’t jump the gun, treats in store. I couldn’t spend as much time as I wanted because I could hear a little impatience behind me but I will be back soon, this time on my own.

After the wool shop we drove to a village I had been to before and had a good trek. The church yard was beautiful with the graveyard having been turned into a meadow. And right by the church was the oldest yew tree we have ever seen. The markings on the inside of the hollow trunk were beautiful; my picture can’t do it justice.

As we were leaving I spotted a stall by the roadside advertising the wares of the local farm shop and as we stepped up to have a look noticed the pigs in the field behind charging towards us. A small electric fence blocked their way but we realised the stall also sold pig food which was why they were showing so much interest. A £1 well spent for these magnificent creatures but it won’t stop me ordering from the farm. Youngest child cannot believe I can eat the bacon after stroking the pig, but i can!!

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  1. I am amazed and impressed by your yew tree! I have never seen one over 10 feet tall here. Thanks for the photos. Poking around in little villages without the sound of a motor - sounds familiar! :-)

    I love your blog and will bookmark it.