Saturday, 4 February 2012

souper week!

Ok so we don't have this yet but the sky is currently so low, almost touching the trees outside, I'm almost willing the snow to fall and be done with it. We have just dashed into town for a paper and milk only to find it practically deserted and Waitrose' shelves almost empty......that's what happens with a snow forecast. Anyhow we are battened down now and lets see what happens.

The souper in the title of course refers to soup, just what this cold snap demands and Herb is the soup champion. Today we have had roasted pepper and tomato and yesterday was broccoli and Stilton.....both equally delicious. The broc and stilton is new to us but a revelation. yum

Am continuing with this today and want to add the double border by tonight if poss. Buying matching solids on line is very difficult....I so wanted a dark midnight blue for the border but a lighter one arrived.....c'est la vie.....not the end of the world.....I'm going to have a go at hand quilting this one and will show you the border next time

Have you discovered pinterest? another great way to while away hours at a time.....I kid you not if I am not careful my backside can be glued to this seat for days and days and nothing gets done. the house is falling down around me....ok I exaggerate, a bit of dust here and there. But check it out its a brilliant way to get ideas for all sorts of things and just some plain old beautiful images.

Saw this film last night, it was recommended by a friend who has recently been to Santa Barbara where the film was set. It was a bit of light relief, nothing serious or heavy but the house where it was filmed was wonderful and I really liked that Streep doesn't seem to have had any face work done, she was kind of looking her age and fabulous(unlike so many actresses and unlike Mr Steve Martin who sports a very weird look around the eyes.) Recommended.

Tonight's looking good, roast pork, saved bottle of Bordeaux and Borgen at 9. If you haven't watched this, try and catch up, its a treat. Not a bad life this empty nesting!! Great weekend everyone


  1. your quilt is looking lovely! I spend far too long on pinterest, until the children clammer for their dinner that is.....

  2. I like the look of that quilt.Am going to look up pinterest.Will I regret it?!

  3. Love the combination of fabrics in your quilt. I bought a Kona colour card because it was so difficult trying to match colours online.
    I love Pinterest, and try not to spend half the day looking at so many beautiful things and great ideas.

  4. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous .... I know what you mean about searching for just the right colour!
    I can lose hours and hours to Pinterest .... it's so addictive!

  5. I adore pintrest. That quilt is going to be fantastic. Hope that you enjoy your soup and snow.

  6. Yep - we got the snow. We had a nightmare of a journey picking up the DQ from her job at Meadowhall and are dreading dropping her off in Leeds later today! Your quilt looks gorgeous. xxxx

  7. I second Marg's comment! Buy a Kona colour card! Well worth it - Mandy at has some!

  8. Another stunning patchwork on the go there, you have such a eye for colour and pattern matching.
    No snow here, hope you get at least a flurry!
    I love Pinterest, but it has been useful as well as addictive!
    Lisa x