Saturday, 11 February 2012


Just had to cancel plans  to go down to London tonight to have a meal with some friends.The forecast is for light snow and/or freezing rain . No thanks......had a bit of a nightmare getting home Thursday evening after work so dont want to risk that.
I have been to the all dressed up and nowhere to to speak.

As consolation I have sent Herb into town to buy some wine and goodies and we shall settle in  with this box set. I have watched Don Draper from the start but Herb just didn't bother with it. He moaned like hell when I put it on last night then watched four episodes back to back. Me thinks he is hooked!

Anyhow hardly a hardship. ..we can go another time.

The garden still looks like this.....very very pretty but not when it spoils something I WAS REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO!

 Fingers crossed its gone by next weekend. I'm having a girly trip up north with my sister to visit the  girls. Can't wait to see them.

 Finished the quilt top yesterday.....still not happy with the blue solid bit but overall I like the effect. I do like very busy quilts. Some, but not all, of the Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs fabric in quilts are amazing.

 I am also really taken by some traditional quilts especially the red and white ones.

 So have started a little bit of hand piecing or i think its sometimes called English paper piecing. I have made it harder for myself by splitting the diamonds but I really like the effect.

 not sure what it will develop into, but its good to have some hand sewing for when I can watch a good movie.....this afternoons offering is a, saved for a snowy afternoon Rock Hudson drama(you know the one where he marries the women he knocked over it)

happy weekend one and all x


  1. The snow does seem to be lingering in places .... but thankfully we are completely flake free!
    Enjoy the film this afternoon. I think I remember that one from the mists of time!

  2. Such a shame when plans have to be put on hold but you have made nice alternatives ! I was worried that Joe would get held up leaving for New York last night but we haven't had snow.
    Jess & I just watched the new "Footloose" film after wrapping up to take Dillon for a walk. Lovely Saturday afternoon - having dropped Joe off at two thirty am at school we deserved it !
    Hope you get away next weekend x

  3. Its a bit of a pain when your plans get disrupted, but you did the sensible thing. Better safe than sorry, and plan B sounds great to me. Enjoy your trip north and if you get spare time for a coffee - let me know. xxxx

  4. I love you blue quilt and think the blue sashing is just perfect. Have a good weekend!

  5. Oh a it of RH sounds like good company for an afternoon.Love the new quilt.
    Hope you are able to get away this weekend and have loads of fun.
    Lisa x