Monday, 21 February 2011

thank you for your patience....

Its been such a hectic week that I am only just wrapping the giveaway gifts......but for those who sent me their address they will have a package by the end of the week I promise (overseas may take a little longer).....its been lovely making these little babies, but as H thinks they are ''nice but pointless'' they deserve better homes.   


  1. These look awesome. Sure wishing I'd switch up the colors. But, with the home dyed yarn. Oh, well. You really need to make a blanket of these next. I adore my first and am loving my second.

  2. They are so pretty and I agree a blanket would look lovely.

  3. I am ever so slightly envious of your ability to crochet.. Very pretty delicate squares...

    Yes, it was Amsterdam. I love the city, it is so very beautiful, and tey have an eye for design...

    Wishing you well


  4. Hope all is well with you and work. They are lovely,you always choose such good colour combos.
    Lisa x

  5. Pleased to meet you too, thank you for your comment.

    Lou xxx

  6. They are soooo pretty! ...This is a talent I do not possess.
    Thank you for stopping by my place because now I have yours...following now...k

  7. I wish I could start a collection of these! Gorgeous!