Saturday, 12 February 2011

everyone's a winner!

Apologies all, for the delay in sorting out the winner of the giveaway....something came up yesterday so the grand draw was delayed until this afternoon....... youngest and I put all the names in a hat (literally) and the winner of the cushion is Lisa from jumble and jelly........well done Lisa

Do you let your family read your blogs? I don't, not because I particularly write stuff about them that I don't want them to read, but I guess  because a) its in the main about crafty stuff, which they have zero interest in....and b) because its something just for me.....and in a house where hardly anything is exclusively mine nowadays, its quite nice.

So I don't encourage it, (I don't hide it either which shows how much interest they show ha ha)....anyhow that was a long introduction to the fact that youngest saw your lovely comments whilst helping me and couldn't believe only some of you would get a gift....sooooo everyone gets something!
Not sure if that's in the spirit of the giveaway but what the hell, its my blog everyone apart from Lisa gets a pot holder or one of these little scarves.

Let me know your preference and I will try and accommodate, although H says the potholders must go!!

Email me your addresses and I will get the goodies sent sometime soon, it may not be this week as I have a toughie work wise but it will reach you eventually....promise x


  1. Good grief, I had to read that twice to understand it correctly. Are you really sure? I could certainly give a very good home to one of your lovely pot holders and if it's making hubby happy then all the better! I shall email you my address!

    Thank you, that is so kind x

  2. Wow! Thats generous! I shall email you my address. I hope next week is better for you. Why is making a living so bloody tough!! xxx

  3. Wow how generous! I would love one of your scarves please! I'll email you my address!

  4. wow, are you serious?! I've got my heart set on a potholder, lol... this is amazing! I'll email you.

    Amy :)

  5. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I've won your cushion, yipeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Thank you much.
    I'm so excited, it's just so gorgeous.
    Thank you for making my weekend and being so very generous.
    Lisa xx

  6. Does that mean I get one ? I'd love a pot holder thank you !

    My family sometimes read my blog posts & I read them out bits from mine or others of interest. If you pop over tomorrow, there will be a picture of me blogging on my blog !!

  7. Oh my goodness how incredibly kind - one of those scarves in turquoise would be the absolute bomb - they're beautiful! Now if you start getting terrible armache then do not worry about my entry x

  8. Just found your blog! love your crochet cushion, the colours are so bright and cheery!