Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Venice `a deux......part 1

...well not exactly; we did go with a couple of good friends but without the teens. First time in 10 years I think. And Venice was fabulous. The friends suggested it and we thought why not. I must be honest it wasn’t in my top 10 places to see before I pop my clogs( no time soon I hope) but the friends did all the booking and well you will probably know if you’ve been, it’s a kind of one off place. Nowhere else like it in the world I guess.

The friends wanted a particular hotel which was way out of our price bracket but they assured us with 24 hours to go the price would drop by half. So we all checked Saturday and guess what, the price wasn’t dropping. A hasty telephone call to Italy advised the intrepid travellers that there was a pretty big boating event going on in Venice on Sunday, the day we were arriving and Venice was all booked up. Panic!

The friends eventually found two rooms on budget in a small hotel but in a good location with all good reviews on Trip Advisor. Phew what a relief. Arrived courtesy of a Ryanair 6.30 flight at about 9.15 to a wet and windy Treviso. At the top of the Grand Canal we were told because of the event on the Grand Canal there were no water buses till the afternoon. So we soaked up sights and sounds on the walk to the lagoon. Herb was so sweet pulling my little case as well as his rucksack. We broke for the best pizza stop ever (I’m not a pizza fan in the UK but this was something else) then continued on our way to our hotel in a small alley near the
piazza St Marco.....and guess what ......we had been upgraded to their 4 star sister hotel right on the lagoon front. Fantastic room. All bells and whistles. But we dumped our stuff and were on our way by 11. The weather

was improving by the minute and so we walked

and walked
and walked.......our little socks off in fact. Diving off the main drag with its thousands of people leads in minutes to deserted alleys

and piazzas. Armed with the best gelato

the world can offer we wandered

with no agenda until we needed to sit. Then fortified by prosecco and coffee we watched the world go by.

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  1. I love Venice, been there and walked and walked and we could have walked for hours on end and there is no place like the other. Actually you can easily get lost there.
    reagrds Sylvia