Monday, 8 June 2009

I meant to go for lots of colour......

honestly I did.

I love the things made by Lucy at attic24 but when it came to it my hands reached for the muted tones, a deep duck egg blue, gorgeous aubergine, ice blue and that rose pink I so love. I have decided to do the flower squares at rosehip just because I haven’t done anything like this before and so far the squares have come out beautifully.

A cushion for my bedroom I think. ...........I haven’t finished the blanket

yet but bought this little project to take on holiday. Herb now tells me the crochet hook won’t be allowed on the flight so I won’t be able to while away 4 hours creating.

However I must put the hook aside and finish the embroidery that I am hoping to give as a gift for my friend at the weekend. I have the frame and made a start but now am a bit less confident. Will she like it or just be polite and tuck it away in a corner somewhere. Will show you the result at the end of the week.

Oh must show you my bargain. I went to a charity bring and buy sale on Saturday. I had been warned this was no ordinary sale and indeed it wasn’t………housed in a beautiful barn, it was labels galore….which is not my thing but youngest child had a good root through. Then I spied the shoes. Boxed, new and gorgeous and all for £25.00.

(£120.00 new) and they fit. Fantastic. Youngest got a Ralph Loren shirt which she is very pleased with for £5.00. I have never been one for bargains but this has spurred me on. I will be more enthusiastic when dragged into charity shops by my friends on our days out and hopefully get some more bargains to show you.


  1. Hi Elsy, 'hello' it's lovely to meet you and I absolutely adore your crochet!! The colours of you wool are gorgeous as well and I love what you have done with them.

    Great bargain - the shoes are fantastic,

    take care and have a lovely evening,

    Nina x

  2. The flower squares look very beautiful, I'm going to try that pattern.