Sunday, 18 September 2016

whats wrong with two weeks in Spain ?

Youngest is on route to Bali for a two week holiday.......shes been in the air for 13 hours with at least 3 more to go......I'm tetchy and can't concentrate on anything till she gets there......its not just a fly and flop.....they are going trekking, white water rafting and other things that just set my heart racing.....was I this stressed when she went travelling aged 18?.....I keep reminding myself she's 24 and living the life....but I also keep thinking, whats wrong with 2 weeks in spain??


  1. Thank you Elsie for your understanding. Very few people understand this kind of grief until they get there...Your daughter and my daughter traveling and climbing and doing mother scary things. Really, why can't they stay home and sew!!!!!

  2. Hello, thank you for popping over, lovely to hear from you. Jess is talking of visiting Asia but on an organised tour thankfully. I was never worried when she was in Australia