Saturday, 20 April 2013

Avoiding all coverage of Wednesday's events in London.....

I knew if we didn't distract ourselves Herb would be inexplicably drawn to the coverage and that was more than my poor ears could stand . So prompted by this post by Celia about something in Cambridge we had yet to see, we jumped in the car.

We parked and partook of refreshment at the Grantchester tea room...see these pics from another really is a special place to go and relax when the sun is shining however we were on a mission.
The Grantchester to Cambridge walk is one of our favourites, all along the really felt like spring at last. Then to the Museum of Classical Archaeology and open the doors to a very unassuming building to discover statues....hundreds of them.

A beautiful light room with casts of some fantastic Greek and Roman statues and friezes .....amazing. We whiled away an hour, reading about the statues. We had the place to ourselves. We will return , go if you are in Cambridge.

Then along the backs, this is Kings, to our favourite cafe for a church that still has a chapel in use (sometimes the choir are practicing while you eat) the food is brilliant, really reasonable and it has a great atmosphere.

Finally a quick visit to the Fitz museum for the Quentin Blake exhibition......a tiny bit disappointing as it was small but we loved seeing the original sketches and water colours.... then a little more refreshment in the Fitz excellent cafe then back along the river again. You know who wasn't even mentioned! 

Have decided to make this liberty quilt larger to use as a summer throw...(am of a certain age where duvets are causing me a heat prob) and the sun is really shining..... that's today sorted....happy weekend!


  1. A great day being distracted. We no longer have a duvet as I get waaaay to hot!!

  2. A wonderful day out with a few stops along the way for refreshment, a good combination.
    Love the new quilt/throw, really pretty fabrics and colours. No surprise there though really!
    Lisa x

  3. Our son lives in Cambridge so a visit to see those statues will be on the agenda for our next visit.I love going to the Orchard tearoom in Grantchester.You can just sit there in a deckchair,close your eyes and imagine time past.I like the look of your quilt.

  4. I 'm so pleased my blog was useful ;-)
    Cambridge is full of hidden gems.

  5. Super distraction ! Your quilts are divine.