Wednesday, 2 May 2012

a new quilt for a little chap

 My very dear friends became grandparents a couple of weeks ago(very young grandparents I might add)....and they are over the moon of course.
I got to meet the little chap yesterday and he was a real delight. I'm not usually very comfortable around tiny babies. I never rush to ooh or arhh , nor to have  a hold....but I must say I was quite taken with him......but no, I'm definitely not ready to be a grandma for some time......girls note! (actually they dont read this, I'm just throwing that up into the ether for them to absorb the thought.)

So a little quilt just had to be made.....I chose the Sarah Jane fabrics , Children at play....which are just lovely. I even attached a little label this time which I haven't done in the past.....but probably all quilts should have one, right? It was well received.

My giveaway from Katy, I told you about last time arrived. Very exciting. I almost snatched the postie's hand off when he knocked I was that excited! If you are unsure what the thangles are for, check out Katy's great tutorial
Now all I have to work out is what to to Bath tomorrow so it will need to wait.
have a great weekend x


  1. Wow!What a super gift.I bet they were thrilled.

  2. Love the quilt, I bet they were thrilled to receive such a gorgeous gift. I'm with you when it comes to babies, they frighten me with their smallness!
    Enjoy your day in Bath.
    Lisa x

  3. The quilt looks gorgeous. Its a proper heirloom xxxx

  4. Adorable quilt for the little man !

  5. Hello, I just came across your blog. That quilt is so lovely and the fabrics divine! My godmother handmade quilts for my twins when they were born. It's such a special gift to receive. x

  6. Absolutely beautiful! What an amazing talent you have - they will keep this forever.
    Paula x