Friday, 23 September 2011

....and off to Turkey we go

A really strange time here in the small town........both girls have gone to uni, one for her 3rd year the younger for her 1st. Both to brilliant places in the north leaving us, in a very quiet house in the south (albeit cleaner).

As if that wasn't stressful enough, we rushed to get finished sorting my mums place as its being rented out. Herb did most of the hard work painting and cleaning , I did the sorting which was harder than I thought. but its done now(well I'm say done, most of it has been just stowed in my spare room for another day!)

the university quilt was finished. Rubbish snaps I know, as it was 11 pm as we were leaving 7 am the next morning. but I think she really likes it, a little piece of home . lets hope it fares a bit better than this...

.which limped home after eldest treated it with the same respect as everything else in her her!

and so we are treating ourselves to a much needed and deserved holiday......Turkey.....never been but its been highly recommended. Herb wanted to swim.... that's his criteria......mine was too I have books , iPod with more audible books(Wolf Hall-the easy way) and of course a wee bit of sewing.
First 2 week holiday alone in 24 years....yikes


  1. Enjoy yourself .... you've earned it!!! I had a lovely week in Turkey last October. I'd never been before either.
    I'm in exactly the same position as you,.... home alone for the first time in 25 years. We're getting used to it ... and , yes, it's so much tidier in our house too!

  2. oohh make sure you enjoy relaxing, it may take some getting used to but I am sure it will feel fab when you are used to it.

  3. Enjoy the peace while it lasts!
    My middle son is back at uni but his elder sister is back home after graduating in the summer!!!!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and hope both girls are settled too.
    You certainly deserve a fabulous break away.
    Lisa x

  5. Love both of the quilts - I would treat that beautiful grannie square quilt with the respect it deserves!
    HAve a good holiday

  6. buen viaje y disfruta tus vacaciones!!!!

  7. It is a daunting prospect ... alone with hubby. I won't have this for a few years yet as Joe is only 15 but many of my friends with their last child off to uni or other things have found themselves " home Alone " with their husbands ! We have had the odd weekend away from the teens & we talk about the future too.

    Hope your youngest is settling in well ( with her beautiful quilt ! ) and that you have a wonderful holiday xx