Sunday, 19 June 2011

A big big thank you.....

for all the very kind comments left here and the emails I received,. I am fine.

For any of you that  have gone through this you will know what a surreal time it is....the world just shifts a little and everything is now viewed ever so slightly differently.

Youngest you may remember is on her travels on the other side of the world. She did a skydive on the day of Joyce's funeral, this from a girl who up to now would not go on any theme park rides.

She has climbed 'mount doom', has black water rafted.....been up a glacier and yesterday did a bungee jump in New Zealand. All a very fitting tribute to her grandma who would have done all that if she could have.
I think youngest may come back a very different person, to the one who went.

I have started a bit of crafting again but as I have no camera , cannot show you anything at  all!

This will be the first fathers/mothers day for us without any teen here in the house, so I am doing the breakfast in bed for Herb as a poor substitute. I will take him to a national trust this afternoon and it will be lovely....that's if we don't get soaked.

so again to all my friends that I have yet to meet....thank you very much, it meant ever such a lot x


  1. It does sound as if your daughter is having the time of her life out in NZ.
    I hope you and Herb have a good day together, breakfast in bed is a fab start to the day.
    You are so right, the world does shift a bit and it takes it a long wile to seem anywhere near right again!
    Take care
    Lisa xx

  2. What an experience your daughter is having ... my son has spent his 'gap' year in his bed most of the time!!!
    Take care of yourself!

  3. I let my hubby have a lie in for his Fathers day treat! I'm glad your girl is having a good time. Hope you get your camera back soon. I don't have a good relationship with my Dad - and Ive tried several times to rectify this, but nothing changes. He's not well at the moment and I really don't know how I'll feel when anything happens to him. xxxxx

  4. I spent Father's Day in hospital so it was the Mr who ended up with all the child care etc! Glad to hear you are doing ok xxx

  5. I lost my mum suddenly in February and not a day goes by that I sit and think I didn't get to say goodbye.
    Time is a healer so they say.
    I'm glad I found your blog
    Wishing you well

  6. As you know, I'm hating the idea of my daughter leaving home so... I HEAR YOU !!!

    We don't really do 'Fathers' day' as we stick to the old traditions of 'Mothering Sunday' but we try to do a lot as a family of four together for now .