Monday, 2 May 2011

careful what you wish for...........

you may recall in the past few months that I have anticipated a time when the girls would not be here and it would just be me and Herb. We rub along just fine after 25 years and enjoy our days out and days in but I knew it would be much quieter and as I did a fair bit with youngest, I would occasionally find myself at a loss.

well  ha ha ha ha ha(slightly hysterical laughing) because we are not alone!!

As youngest went on her travels and eldest prepared to go back to uni...... elderly parent became  ill and can no longer live this is my new role, well it has been for the past 3 weeks and let me tell you I was not born for it! 

Luckily I had a fortnight off work so that has not been an issue especially as I am up a lot during the night.

We have not ever had a good relationship but what can I do.....carers starting tomorrow, herb is being the absolutely best, over and above the call etc and so we soldier on. 

I think I am mainly Nurse Jackie but alcohol is my prop not drugs.....which would you be?


  1. I LOVE Nurse Jackie and so identify with her altho I wouldn't touch drugs and I don't drink much alcohol. I sympathise with your new situation. Looking after our elders is never easy and i've had to learn how in the past few months. Nobody gives you a manual for this stuff do they? penny

  2. Oh goodness, I'm very sorry to hear about the ill health and the situation which has arisen.
    I hope the assistance with the carers works well.
    Just don't confuse a daffodil with a thermometer!
    Lisa x

  3. I really sympathise with you .... I'm dreading the day when it happens to us. All four of our parents are in their late seventies and thankfully still going strong at the moment! Wishing you all well.

  4. Mmmm I think having a sick parent to live with us would test us all! Good that you have a very supportive husband. I hope parent gets well soon and you get your house back! xxx

  5. This is something that Lyn, Kathy and I discussed over buns when we met up and as Kathy says, something we all dread. I too am not born to deal with situations like this and think that alcohol may be consumed to ease the stress! Is it going to be for the very long term?

  6. Life has a way of throwing things like this at you ! Although I'm dreading my daughter going away in the autumn & hubby will be away too, I say things to Joe like " I'll teach you to cook this winter " or " there will be no point coooking a roast for the two of us....we will go to the pub" !

    Hope your situation gets better xx

  7. ooh, just found your blog and it looks promising - just about to eat, but I shall come back later and read some previous posts! Love Nurse Jackie and BBC7, so a good start! Sorry you're not home alone with hubby - hope elderley rellie recovers. Abby x

  8. I don’t think any of us are born for it! I hope things improve for you.

    Lou xxx

  9. Wow, not what you expected at all once the nest was empty.
    I do hope it works out alright for you, and I now understand the subject matter if not the detail behind your comment on my post!
    At least you have a supportive husband to help you manage this.
    Gill x

  10. I understand. I took care of my parents in our home for the last years of their lives, 7 years total. I am definitely not a nurse but fortunately I had always been very close to my parents so each act of care I provided was an act of love. I hope things go well for you, it's not easy - glad your hubs is on board with you, mine was too and that makes all the difference.