Saturday, 4 September 2010

la belle france

at last we have a holiday booked..... in the Tarn so excited, its a pigeonnier with a pool right in the location I wanted to be, as I have a list as long as your arm of places I want to see......don't tell Herb, he's ordered lots of heavy tomes from Amazon so he obviously has a different agenda to me ha ah.....just the two of us, so a bit of a test all round. Eldest and youngest will be home alone, I declined my mothers offer to stay here on their behalf....they owe me.

On the crafting front I have made a few more cushions for the Christmas fair, although that is in jeopardy as the friend I was doing it with has pulled out and I'm not sure I have the confidence to do it by myself. What if etc etc.

On the negative side I think I have today lost the friendship of one of my oldest friends.....35 years we've known each other and gone through many ups and downs, seen each other through divorces and other traumatic times that life has thrown at us..........not sure whether to let it go or try and salvage it......any one had a similar experience?


  1. hope you enjoy your holiday, sounds lovely x
    sorry to hear about your friendship, I hope it can be saved.

  2. Take me with you on holiday and we'll talk about friendships!!! I "broke up" a couple of years ago with one of my best friends. It caused me some soul searching and heart ache, and I eventually came to the conclusion that I had been a much better friend to her than she had been to me (so obvious looking back). I now see he only once a flood - just for a coffee (even though she only lives 2 streets away form me) and I don't enjoy her company, I struggle even to like her. I tried so hard for such a long time to save what I thought was a good friendship, and I miss what I thought we had, but now I'm glad she is not in my life all that much. Email me if you want to off load and have a cyber natter. xxxx

  3. Hope your holiday is fab! Love your cushions, go for it, easy for me to say but I do love the things you make.
    As for the friendship thing, I broke up with a very close friend 10 years ago. We were friends for over 10 years but she was so draining. I helped her many times but when we had fertility issues she was unsupportive and insensitive. It was difficult to let all the friendship go at first but it needed doing.
    Hope you come to the best decision for you.
    Lisa x

  4. I'm so glad I popped by today ... teens home alone here totally fine - said they didn't need granny staying because they looked after her - not the other way round !

    I've gone through similar friendship upheaval though admittedly not such an old friendship as yours.
    I just regard it as part of life's changes someone new came into my life when I needed her and that was meant to be.

    If it's meant to work out it will but give yourself some time & don't be too hard on yourself.

  5. Hi I had a friend do the dirty on me in business and I still can't believe it happened. Our childen grew up together and everything, but now I realise what a drain she was and still remember how she always rang at mealtimes and caused lots of arguments between me and my husband. Let it go if that is your gut reaction.jennyx

  6. The holiday looked wonderful and I'm loving that green cushion as for the friendship if you're not sure maybe you should just wait and see..

  7. .... the stitching in your profile pic's so lovely. What did you make it into ?