Sunday, 18 July 2010

the things we do for love......

Up at three this morning to take youngest and her pal to the airport for their 2 week trip to Zante. There are six girls going as last year. They were so so excited. She has sent a text to say they got there OK......sea's blue and its very hot.

They have had all the lectures about staying together come what may. Fingers crossed.

Eldest came back from Spain, had a wonderful time in Nerja, loved it.......and did I say, we are going nowhere, have I mentioned that before? To make matters worse, for the first time ever at work they are operating a 2 week shutdown in August, at a time when for once I don't need to have my holiday in school break time.

Apart from last year when we went to my sisters house in Cyprus we have always gone to France.
We both love it there and even the girls, who moaned like hell the past few years have been waxing lyrical over our traditional french hols. You know the routine......up and out, head straight for a village or small town ....with a church or chateau (has to have one or t'other), a river an added bonus then lunch out then back to the pool , books out and just do nothing but relax

.......oh yea then I make a 'french' type meal or we go out.....Herb and I sit outside the gite and drink Jameson's and put the world to rights....we have done this for years all over France and then this year I just did nothing about it.....maybe in September.


  1. We are off to France in a couple of weeks - we love it too. We go camping in our tent - the french do campsites so well. We are doing Normandy this year as Hubby has always wanted to do the beaches. I loved the Ile de Re when we went a few years back. It was busier than I thought it would be, but it was lovely. The kids are both coming with us too, which is a bonus - I'm glad my eldest wasnt bothered about going away with friends this year (I think she has had too many scarey nights out in town when a couple of them have had too much to drink, and it has scared her a bit I think. They are more of a worry at this age I think!!!!! xxxxxx

  2. As the whole summer is taken up with sailing events & work on day charters for hubby & Jess I booked three days in St Ives in Sept for Jess & me. Now Joe is wondering around looking miserable as he wants to go surfing in Cornwall so I told him I'll take him somewhere too !
    Jess & gang are planning a summer trip next year - they will be 18 then.

  3. Me and G wenton hols to Nerja a few years ago and loved it, it's a really lovely place. Hope you enjoy your time off in August whatever you end up planning.
    Lisa x

  4. Hello Elsy..I'm ashamed to say my parents moved to France a few years ago and we haven't even been to visit(my passport ran out years ago) but I have fond memories of holidays just like the ones you describe there, i think over the years we got to see more of the pretty villages and landmarks in France than in the UK!
    By the way thankyou for your message,I've sent you a longer email in reply via flikr..hope thats ok! x

  5. Oh, someone else missing France this year!
    I know exactly how you feel.
    We've been going to the same little corner of the south east for about 20 years .... exactly how you describe ... quiet little villages, churches, rivers to cool off in, market days and fetes .... not this year though.
    Never mind ... there's always next year to look forward too!
    Hope you enjoy your break whatever you plan to do!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. Just catching up with everybody and worried that you have gone quiet!! Hows things?